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Prodrive Brake Kit

Prodrive Brake Kit
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The ADVAN NEOVA AD08 represents a model change after six years from the highly acclaimed ADVAN Neova AD07 sports tire. Maintaining the basic concept that has characterized all previous models - being the fastest and most rewarding to drive sport tire, other than a semi slick tire

- the ADVAN NEOVA AD07 was developed to be the "strongest ADVAN street tire," as close as could be to the tires seen on the track. Accordingly, in creating the compound, tread pattern and all aspects of the construction, no input was spared, from the cutting-edge technology reflected in the company's latest motor sports tire, to the know-how established in being the one-make tire provider for the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). Combined with an impressive ability to hold the target line through sustained high-speed cornering on dry surfaces, all the expected performance criteria - control and stability, grip on wet surfaces, wear and uneven-wear resistance, and more - are balanced to a high degree.